Cobalt Essentials V1.7.6 [RELEASE]

Hello, is there an option to automatically change day and night?
can’t find the value of responsible for this

Hi Folks, does any of you experienced this error message in server console?

[26/06/23 11:50:40] [LUA] [WARN] Extension CEI threw an error while handling event onTick: Resources/Server/CobaltEssentials/lua/EventDBconnector.lua:234: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘data’)
[26/06/23 11:50:41] [LUA ERROR] TriggerLocalEvent: [string “Resources/Server/CobaltEssentials/…”]:163: CobaltDB Table environment not loaded!
[26/06/23 11:50:41] [LUA ERROR] TriggerLocalEvent: [string “Resources/Server/CobaltEssentials/…”]:226: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)

Everything was running smoothly, however next day, without any interventions, this happend. Guys, what may be the best way to fix it and do you think it can be avoided?

THX #letsmakecommunitygreatagain

Kill the server, delete .../Resources/Server/CobaltEssentials/CobaltDB/ folder, restart server. You will need to reapply permissions.

Thanks a lot! Could I have found this information somewhere on my own? I ask because I always like to read the documentation :smiley:

Not that I’m aware of; clearing (deleting the content of) the DB resets everything, restoring it back to fresh-install state. It’s the most invasive/destructive option (deleting all settings, configuration changes…) but it gives you a clean slate with minimal steps and low difficulty, every time.

Hi there! Could I use a bit of your wisdom again? I was changing reset rules and Database section disappeared. In the console I found this:
“[08/07/23 12:27:01.049] ResultCheckThread [LUA ERROR] txPlayersDatabase: Resources/Server/CobaltEssentials/extensions/CEI.lua:809: attempt to compare string with number”.

Does a wipe of the database folder help?

The respawn rules are kind of (read: very) buggy, and so you should set them how you want, test them, then restart the server instance and leave them be. I recently (like 3 days ago) had players struggling with this, when I haven’t touched the respawn rules in 6+ weeks, and nightly reboots. You may find that it’s not worth the effort.

CEI removes plugins dynamically upon errors, but if you just restart the server instance and test the rules, should be fine.

[WARN] Extension ‘exampleExtension’ is outdated (1.7.4), it might not work as intended.

Everything okay. Any help this??
Also id i update would it be better to clean slate the server?

This is fine, example extension is just an extension used to show developers how to make Cobalt Essentials extensions. The only thing that example extension is responsible for is displaying the server uptime.

Thankyou for responding so fast. Was gonna ask that next, where can i find it so i can edit the server uptime ? change it from spamming console every 5 min to lets say every 15/30. and where to find console repeating chat messages

if you’re familiar with lua you can navigate to CobaltEssentials/extensions/exampleExtension and you can, change the announceStep, note it’s measured in milliseconds, so one minute is equal to 60000, this extension is primarily made to teach users how to create extensions, so it serves no actual purpose and can be deleted if you don’t want it.

Cobalt Essentials has it’s own built in logging system for chat commands, so if you would like to turn of the vanilla game’s logging, you may disable it in the priamy server toml under LogChat

man all do respct been using this for a while and cant ban players, theyll join w a guest acc later. is there any way to ban ip instead ?

IP bans are coming in the next update !

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that said, you can ban guests from joining in the config

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thanks a lot, btw can you some how limit perfomace ?? like limt hp/weight for certain levels

you can limit certain parts, which could theoretically limit high-performance parts from cars

At the risk of sounding stupid, how is this done? I would like to, say, ban the ram cone from various vehicles, but have no idea how to explain to ce/cei the part I want, and I don’t even know how to determine the internal part name, and my searching around the past few months came up dry.

I just again looked at ‘ce help’ and it doesn’t even skim over the ability; could I get an example?

i have a question at wich time is the cobalt server on

hello! RCON does not work for me, when I try to enter the “ce togglechat” command in the console, it writes an error, the port is open. I also tried to connect to the minecraft server via rcon - I succeeded, but in the case of CEI, I can’t do it.