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Are you ready for premium hosting for free!

To give back to the wonderful commuinty of beam-mp I am releasing free hosting for free!
Which includes features such as

  • Custom cars!
  • File Manager
  • User Manager
  • Schedule Manager
  • 100% up time!

To get started with your free server, you can simply head over to my!

How to use:

  1. Go to the!
  2. Press register account and fill in the details
  3. Verify your email and choose a password
  4. Go back to plans and redeem your free server!
  5. and you are done!

After logging in, you can simply create your server, configure all the settings, and get started!


Brought to you by connect hosting!

This issue has been fixed.

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Very good hosting service with free plans, very helpful and serious support.

Thank you so much for the nice comment! As always we strive to provide good, free hosting for all with brilliant support

Hi there,so say if I got a bunch of people all together on one server,what’s the maximum number for people?

Reason is,because I got too many people all on one server resulting in a server crash,and is there anyway to prevent that from happening?

You would need to have a stronger server if you are generating a high player count. There is a possibility that you may have some resources that cause issues

Um, when I load up the website it says critical error?

We are working on it now, we are improving our websites and servers

how do we go about seeing this up with mods and maps?

Hey, this will be in your configuration file. For the mods add them to your resources folder

oh yeah tried out other hosting but the support was not as good as connect hosting’s it was mind blowing it was brilliant I’ve never been more satisfied in my life and to say they do this all for free is why I love connect hosting.

I am glad to see you are impressed and very enthusiastic about Connect Hosting. We are glad you enjoy the hosting. :slight_smile:

Nice panel, and free! Recommended!

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this hosting is for certified cuties

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Great hosting. The owner is a bit of an odd feller but he is cool I recommend it it tho.


Thank you all for the nice comments, except for you Van (JK). I will keep working on Connect Hosting to imrpove it for the future. Do not forget, always reach for the stars, kachow


We have updated our servers and they are now improved.

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