Devlog for week 39

Lua Mod Work-in-progress

  • Fix login JSON not escaping properly. Passwords with special characters will work properly
  • Tweaks to coupler code for things like the Covet doors. Adds some improvements to make them work better

Lua Mod v4.6.0 + v4.5.0 (Current Early Access Version)

  • Option to use simplified vehicles if they are available
  • Update locales for the 0.26 game version
  • New queue features
  • Removal of ability to enter usernames when playing as guest
  • Syncing for Covet Doors

Server v3.1.0 Prerelease

  • ADDED Tab autocomplete in console, smart tab autocomplete (understands lua tables and types) in the lua console
  • ADDED lua debug facilities (type :help when attached to lua via lua)
  • ADDED Util.JsonEncode() and Util.JsonDecode(), which turn lua tables into json and vice-versa
  • ADDED FS.ListFiles and FS.ListDirectories
  • ADDED onFileChanged event, triggered when a server plugin file changes
  • ADDED MP.GetPositionRaw(), which can be used to retrieve the latest position packet per player, per vehicle
  • ADDED error messages to some lua functions
  • ADDED HOME and END button working in console
  • ADDED MP.TriggerClientEventJson() which takes a table as the data argument and sends it as JSON
  • FIXED ip in MP.GetPlayerIdentifiers
  • FIXED issue with client*>server events which contain :
  • FIXED a fatal exception on LuaEngine startup if Resources/Server is a symlink
  • FIXED onInit not being called on hot*reload
  • FIXED incorrect timing calculation of Lua EventTimer loop
  • FIXED bug which caused hot*reload not to report syntax errors
  • FIXED missing error messages on some event handler calls
  • FIXED vehicles not deleting for all players if an edit was cancelled by Lua

Launcher V2

  • Remove mod deletion message and delay * you should use the quit button to leave servers!
  • Fix for kick message when joining a server

Launcher V3

  • Non-GUI version pre-released to early access
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