Does BeamMP work with cracked Beamng?

i have cracked version of beamng drive and idk if it will work

No, I do believe it says it somewhere but un-sure where, it does not support the cracked version. As Far as I am aware and that could probably get them into trouble.

It will most likely not work. If you experience issues with the client or the game, you will not get support so I’d reccomend you get BeamNG off of steam.

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Rest assured, it should work not just theoretically but practically too, because BeamNG is shipped as a DRM-less game on Steam (which is pretty rare nowadays with integrated Steam DRM, but not so much for indie games) and Humble Bundle (soon also on GOG), meaning you can launch it without Steam and/or rip it and upload it, for example, on the Internet Archive, which people have done. Generally, doing so is not “illegal” if it is for preservation purposes. Besides, it’s, not (then you would get into trouble). So it should NOT be illegal or bannable in any way if one is using a cracked client on BeamMP, despite what the developers say, it’s literally just like piracy in Minecraft, but let’s not give anyone ideas… Another question is that whether your cracked copy of the game is up-to-date, if it will even work with the current servers, well, I know a solution, read all of this this again. Take care and sail well :heart:


Okay thank you.

It will work if u downloaded the game from steamunlocked

we do not support cracked versions of beamng. you will probably get into trouble if you use cracked versions of beamng

ofc it will work pirated, i downloaded it from
and can play beamMP just fine
(the beamMP launcher was installed with the game)