Early Access Update: v3.1

Early Access In Game Mod Update:

  • Added a refresh button to the server list (And yes it actually works).
  • Made it so that when you click play multiplayer (Now Play MP) it will automatically load up the server list.
  • Added Mod sync back into the servers and launcher / game. This is now also handled by the game in regards to loading and unloading between servers.
  • Fixed part edited vehicle sync.
  • Added a packets per second statistic to the servers so that you can see how fast data is being sent on each server. (This is in place to server as a ping however due to performance and limitation we cannot add an actual ping for between you and each individual server.)
  • Server version bumped to v0.4
  • Launcher bumped to v1.4
  • Added a small easter egg into the game UI.
  • Lots of various fixes and improvements to the server and launcher

Also assuming all goes well with this update we are ready to start moving this to the new public version!!!


I don’t think I will be able to hold in my excitement much longer!!!


The work being done on this is absurd Titch. Props to the team!