Forum names and linked twitter account

Hey BeamMP-Team,

I’m not fully sure if this is right place to post this, but here are two things I noticed.

Forum names, usually in fora like this one, names like admin or administrator are blocked for registration.
I am now in own of both accounts: @admin and this I’m posting here with.
I know its only a display name but usually these names are blocked so nobody can be fooled with a fraud if he forgets to check if a user who post something has an administrator badge beside his name.
Also I players on servers can be fooled with these name.

Second thing is that you have linked a twitter profile on this forum here on the bottom right side of the page just below the discord panel.
This link should be removed cause the linked twitter account doesn’t exist anymore and provides an option for fraud too if somebody registers that twitter account.

"Follow @BeamNG_MP"

Also I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your awesome work a lot!
Big Thumps up from a BeamMP fan

Thank you for the attention to detail there!
The twitter link has been updated to reflect our real account :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be dealing with the accounts shortly.


how interesting


i also took over that linked twitter account now.
I dont have bad intentions otherwise I wouldn’t post here.
Just someone who is a little bit more attentive to security flaws than a regular user.

You can delete the forum accounts and I will set up a new one with my real nick.
And don’t forget to remove that twitter link from the home page of the forum.
Have a nice day!