Major Major Major Server Glitches/Instabilities

Good’ay BeamMP team/players. I think it’s a good time to address the common expirience me and my friend have everytime we play BeamMP.

Firstly, we join the server, all seems well at first…until we see the first random car start appearing under the map, then back on the road like 100 times a second (like literally flashing in and out of existence). Then my friend says I’m stationary when I’m clearly moving 100+ mph on my client. Then his car goes stationary, and vice versa. Then we get a car that randomly explodes and flys across the map dragging everything it collides with. Next I notice my car is doing it cause I can see the other players cars taking damage.

The problem with all of these things is that on their clients, they don’t know it’s happening…when my car starts spazzing out I can’t tell because my car isn’t doing anything abnormal on my screen.

I bring up all these things because I don’t see many people addressing it.

so far sound like TCP connection problem , could be from your side or your friend side, make sure your game is allowed at firewalls (as Private not public) and same toward your antivirus, otherwise for me i don’t face these problems , but seen few friends who did and it’s always because of their firewall system/antivirus (and sometimes it’s from the servers if it’s not from the Official servers)

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