Multiplayer tab doesn't work

Hello, my friend an I decided to play to with BeamMP. For me it works perfectly fine, but for my friend… He’s multiplayer option doesn’t work. He clicks on the Multiplayer button, but nothing happens… I searched everywhere but looks like no one had this problem before. So I hope someone could help us to solve this problem.

@holyguaka-irl Okay ! But I think it may take a while… I guess :thinking_face:

@cobalt Please let us know if this worked.

Best Regards,
Holyguaka [IRL]

@charles Okay thanks ! Also my friends uses the antivirus Avast. And he tried with a different location and the default one. But still nothing. When he set the location somewhere else, it was on his external storage.

But, thanks anyway ! ^-^

@cobalt Please make sure that your friend has BeamMP launcher allowed on their Antivirus software. You can also try to change the location of beammp and make sure it is running on that location instead of the default one