New server creating

Hi, i’m new at the game but a like it alot, now i did evertthing they said online to make my own server, and BeamMPserver tells me the server is online. Then i open the BeamMP launcher and check the multiplayer servers and yes i find my server but, i cant het connection with it. I tryed allot but always the same result. Can someone help me please thx in advance grtz gio

If you are running the server and joining it with the same PC then you will need to direct connect to it. Use and 30814 while direct connecting.

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Thanks it’s working fine now i van enter my server and i have no lag, thé only thing now is it normal that my Ping is on 0ms sometimes 1ms. Or this need 2 be higher for People to join? Or isn’t that a problem?

You are connecting to yourself basically, so yes your ping should be extremely low