[PLUGIN] ITL_noafk

ITL_noafk is a simple serverside plugin for BeamMP that kick AFK players and remove abandoned cars

Details on my github

p.s. Feel free to contact with me via telegram


This looks like something that would be very useful for removing players that idle for excessively long times.

Except the english text depicted in the images is a bit broken
Messages that display in chat,
Your vehicle (number) will be removed in (seconds) for idling
You will be kicked for inactivity in (seconds)
Message when you are kicked, specifically the “Reason” message,
Reason: You were kicked for idling!
or, alternatively: Reason: You were kicked for inactivity!

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Yeeeeah… i’m not native english speaker :confused:

I will change messages in next version, thanks for suggestions!

Anyway, I planned to add language files so that anyone can change messages text :slight_smile:

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