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Hello BeamMP’s community !
We have recently add the possibility to rent BeamMP server on us new website : www.racinggameservers.com (RGS).
This website allow you to rent your own server and manage it in few clics.
All servers are located in France for now and running on powerfull dedicated server with high network bandwidth. Depending our growth, we will add other locations (US, Australia, …).

Why you have to choose RGS ?
We have a totally different approach of fee. With us website, you only have to pay for what you need . We also work hard to create you the easiest dashboard to manage your server from your computer and also from your phone. All us website is mobile ready !
All pages are also available on two languages : English & French.

Features :

  • Open/Close/Restart the server
  • Manage all server’s options
  • Manage all your server files : custom Map, scripts, …

Prices :
With RGS, you only have to pay for how many slots you need.
Our prices range from 2€ to 12€ by month.
Find all prices here: https://racinggameservers.com/games/beamng-drive/
If you choose to rent for by the year , 1 month is gifted.

Feature Request :
You can suggest us all your ideas for upgrade your experience with the server. I will happy to work on them. Find all suggestions on Discord : RacingGameServers.com

Few screenshots of the BeamMP’s dashboard :

I hope you like the project.

Visit the website

If you have any questions, suggestions, bug reports, you can contact me on the forum, on discord, on my social network, …
Discord: RacingGameServers.com


Update :
Add new tab with console of the server

Update :
Fix upload of hudge mods

Incresed the filesize limt uploadable from 200Mb to 512Mb.

It’s now possible to choose the server version between 2.3.3 and 3.0.0.

I recommend this hosting service it is very good the server’s are fast and cheap. All in all very good stuff. 10/10 would buy again.

Thanks for your feedback James :innocent: !


Good news for US players, we launched a new server location : USA - WEST !
Get your server now to reduce your ping :muscle: