Unable to enter server

Hey, was trying to hop on a server with my friend but then it didn’t load. It downloaded one mod and started loading the resources and stopped on the loading resources window. Here’s the log below.

[7/7/2021 22:14:40] [INFO] Launcher version is up to date
[7/7/2021 22:14:40] [INFO] Game Version :
[7/7/2021 22:14:40] [WARN] Game is newer than recommended, multiplayer may not work as intended!
[7/7/2021 22:14:40] [INFO] Downloading mod please wait...
[7/7/2021 22:14:43] [INFO] Download Complete!
[7/7/2021 22:14:43] [INFO] Game Launched!
[7/7/2021 22:14:52] [INFO] Game Connected!
[7/7/2021 22:14:52] [WARN] Game Reconnecting...
[7/7/2021 22:14:53] [INFO] Game Connected!
[7/7/2021 22:17:41] [INFO] Attempting to authenticate...
[7/7/2021 22:17:42] [INFO] Authentication successful!
[7/7/2021 22:17:48] [INFO] Connecting to server
[7/7/2021 22:17:48] [INFO] Connected!
[7/7/2021 22:17:49] [INFO] Checking Resources...
[7/7/2021 22:17:49] [INFO] Syncing...
[7/7/2021 22:18:33] [WARN] Game Reconnecting...
[7/7/2021 22:18:33] [INFO] Connection Terminated!
[7/7/2021 22:18:33] [ERROR] Game Closed! launcher closing soon

Make sure you are running beammp as Administrator and that you have any antivirus allowing beammp. Other than that make sure you didn’t tab off the screen while loading or else it will pause and sometimes mess up the progress of loading in