Uncle Joey's Base v1.0.2.3 (time & weather sync, motd, reset limiting and more)

Uncle Joey’s Base
Uncle Joey’s Base provides some essential client-side addons for your BeamMP server, including:

  • A message of the day with BBCode support (motd)
  • Player restrictions (limiting rewinds, menu options etc.)
  • Limiting resets to a certain amount per time
  • Day / night time syncing
  • Environment (weather) syncing (rain (snow), wind, clouds, fog and gravity)

For more info and to download the resource check out the GitHub page:

Special thanks to @Dudekahedron for helping with testing.

Some impressions

do not load ;-(

@demolitionA1 odd i was having a issue of when you chose the car and spawned, another player would spawn into your car and it wouldnt sync. Don’t know why

hey this mod works great its what we needed! my only question is how do I activate the rain and snow

I’ve found one small issue. Making a minor change in the config, i.e. setting a different time, doesn’t seem trigger the mod to sync when joining the server. I’m not really sure how you could go about fixing this though. There are bodge ways to get around it as a server owner, but they’re just that, a bodge.

@Dems said in Uncle Joey's Base v1.0.2.3 (time & weather sync, motd, reset limiting and more):

@Joey Hey, this is sick! Any way to add a link so a player can click on?
For an example, When it loads up a player can click a link to a website and it takes them there.

You can add links using , but BeamNG bans any links that aren’t on the beamng.com domain, so it’s not really useful.

@Joey Hey, this is sick! Any way to add a link so a player can click on?
For an example, When it loads up a player can click a link to a website and it takes them there.

Some amazing work going on here! Nice work. changelog

  • Improved rain on certain maps
  • Added option to turn rain into snow
  • Added motd variables
  • Some small bugfixes and improvements
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Just keeps getting better! changelog

  • Added gravity syncing (under weather settings)
  • Fixed a caching bug when running multiple (different) instances of the mod
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  • Fixes a BeamMP related bug when disconnecting & reconnecting to servers
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1.0.2 changelog

  • Weather syncing (rain, wind, clouds and fog)
  • Updated config
  • More modularity
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1.0.1 changelog

  • Time-based reset limiter (eg only allow to reset once every 30 seconds)
  • Fixed a MP related bug when not explicitely selecting a vehicle in the selectableVehicle motd (now spawns default pickup)
  • Motd can now be completely disabled
  • Made some config options clearer
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Hey Thanks for this! It is pretty slick, time sync appears to work quite well as reported by players on my server. I like the UTC time offset so I can set it to my timezone. The config options are nice and straightforward. I look forward to customizing it a bit more and putting it on both of my servers.

Nice work!

PS My FAVORITE part of this is actually the ability to kill REWIND. HUGE PROPS on that!

Not working for me either.

Hello all, does this still work? I have set up some things on my end and can’t get the UI to show up at all. I currently have cobalt basics installed on my server and have even removed it to see if it would help. I have even went as far as to just run the default uncle joeys base without any customizations to see if it would work and it did not. I run a small private server for my friends and myself but cannot for some reason get this to work as I would love to add a UI. Is there something i need to enable? I have the zipped mod placed in the clients folder. Any help would greatly be appreciated, thanks.

Hello, with the new update it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I set it up as described, which is actually not that difficult. I don’t get any error messages.

Hey man, thanks for the mod. Love it.
Can you maybe tell me how I reduce night-time cycle, and maybe set the Server Time to a specific time, which is not dependent on the OS time of the Client? Like if you connect, server time is e.g. 8:00am ingame, and day cycle is about 40 minutes, night cycle about 20 minutes? I tried some adjusting in the


but I only manged to get the time sync f’d up. I set the

tod.time = (math.abs((hours + minutes / 60) - 12) / 12) * 3

instead of
12) * 0.5

So if two clients connect at the same time, Day & Night Scale are both sped up & synced. But if you connect from another time zone or at a different time, Time Sync’s f’d up. It starts at Local OS Time and goes on with the same scale. Is there any way to have the server time server side and synced for everyone at all times, while day & night only takes about an hour?

Thanks for replying and even more thanks for developing that mod. Love you :love_you_gesture:

This isnt working at all