UPDATE BUG BEAMMP "vehicleconfig.js"

Hello I your contacts because in your code there is a problem with the “HightLight SubParts” check-box which is no longer displayed in the games it must be corrected because it is hell for vehicle configs.

Here is your code and that of beamng

vm.selectPart = function (event, element) {
// console.debug(Selecting part ${element} (subparts: ${vm.selectSubParts}))
bngApi.engineLua(extensions.core_vehicle_partmgmt.selectPart("${element}", ${vm.selectSubParts}))

Code BeamNG.Drive

// Selects part (highlight part temporarily, like on hovering part) and its subparts
vm.selectParts = function (event, selectedPart) {

var flattenedParts = {}

if (vm.selectSubParts) {
  processPart(selectedPart, function (obj) {
    flattenedParts[obj.val] = true
else {
  flattenedParts[selectedPart.val] = true

// console.debug(`Selecting part ${element} (subparts: ${vm.selectSubParts})`)