Update Dev-Logs (Launcher: v1.3, Server v0.3)

This update should solve the issues relating to: vehicles not being seen, still / non moving vehicles, “others can see me but I cant see them” and visa versa.
Launcher v1.3 (Currently Early Access):

  • Packets now split into 1KB chunks to allow support for older routers and garanteed data delivery
  • Vehicle Spawning , resetting is now ~5x faster
  • Changed how the launcher starts (might help with windows defender)
  • Launcher now knows if a packet is a duplicate making it around 2x faster overall
    Time the update took in total : ~15h

Server v0.3:

  • The server now splits packets into 1KB chunks for faster and more guaranteed data delivery
  • The server will drop duplicate packets making it 2x faster overall
  • Vehicle spawning is now ~5x faster
    Time the update took in total : ~15h


  • Added discord server hook to update the server stats with the current online players.
    alt text
    Public servers have also been updated too.