Walking mode does not work if I'm in a server

When I enter a server and spawn a car, if I get out and try to walk, I can’t. This problem only happens if I launch the game through the beam mp launcher. Furthermore, if I try to rebind the walking mode, I can’t because the vehicle specific tab in the options does not exist. I’ve tried to rebind in singleplayer and it still does not work.

If it is of any importance, I have the steam version (alpha v. of the game and when I launch the game through the beam mp launcher, the launcher says that the “game version is newer than recommended”. Also, when I launch beamng through steam, the multiplayer option in the main menu still appears, although it does nothing.

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Same problem here, I haven’t heard of a fix though… so unfortunate because nobody knows. Only option at this point is reinstalling both BeamMP and BeamNG. Or has it already been solved for you? If so, How?