0/10 players and ping is?

hello, i host my own beammp server for some of my friends and i, and every time i connect, i can see them, but the top of the screen reads 0/10 players and ping ?. i cant see any of them move either. does anybody have a solution for this problem? thank you


I am having the same exact issue.

Your not connected to the server, therefore you have no ping and there’s no player on the server.

Please try with one of the official servers (Orange ones at the top). If you encounter the error there too then it is likely that you have a firewall or antivirus blocking the connections. If this is the case feel free to open your own post here: #support:client-support and we can look to help you out!

i have the same prob and i am on orange servers

huh that didnt happen to me weird.