10060 error help please

i have problem when i try joining my friend server i cannot because show this
https://i.vgy.me/LkvKkn.png to join my friends server i need to use direct connect i type valid ip and port anyone help and give solution to fix this other friends can join so something is not ok with my wifi i tryed disabling firewall scanning for viruses changing wifi propeties but other friends can without any problems join

Error 10060 is a portforwarding issue or error. meaning traffic is not being allowed though the specified port (default 30814)

Common trouble shooting solutions:
1: Make sure you have portforwarded port 30814 as UDP AND TCP

2: Make sure you have portforwarded the correct internal IP address (the address of the machine running the server

3: Make sure nothing is blocking the portforward rule (Make sure portforwarding is enabled in your router settings, make sure windows isnt doing windows things and make sure your ISP allows portforwading)

ok i now that i need forward but somehow i my internet dont want let my pc go into configuration page of manufacturer

There are many guides online for port forwarding. Please try searching online for a port forwarding guide for your router model.

Alternatively, if you are unable to port forward, you can choose from one of our partners.