11/6/2020 BeamMP Server Controller Tool V0.74 Beta

BeamMP Server Controller Alpha V0.74
[Changelog v0.74]
*Added command features for future console input
*Tweaked logo
*Cleaned up some wording
Note: Delete old Controller files from previous versions!

[Changelog v0.64]
*Fixed killing the process on stop and restart
*Fixed a issue where it would duplicate the server on stop or restart
*Fixed Start button turning green, Must have cobalt essentials for it to light up due to log code.
*Fixing the above issues, solves error 10048 socket error.

[Changes 0.3 Alpha]
*Removed Non Functioning Menu items from initial 0.01

[] Open Select Beam MP
[] Choose directories and exe
[] Choose auto restart times
[] Start Server


Download: 1604715320090-beammp-controller-v0.74-beta.zip (506 KB)

Md5: 9faae10611f8c51f946931ccdfbdc31f227c30083db02e126018a846b1049cae

Virustotal Scan: VirusTotal

Used github source: GitHub - abdulkadiraktas/FxServerController: FxServerController For FiveM.

Patreon Link for File https://www.patreon.com/posts/beammp-v0-3-43442439

Test it out and Have Fun!

All is working again peoples with latest server exe


Latest server build broke this functionality. Standby

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@UkDrifter it was never possible with fivem, but i think you can just copy and paste it and try to run it from a second directory and it should launch again and have no conflict

@SPJESTER Do you plan for multiple server support?

@Titch2000 updated

The new server build allows for functionality like the /announce to be made / created.

@Titch2000 yeah only thing that doesn’t work is announce maybe. Too many errors if I delete that section lol. Better than what we had even tho the batch script is cool.

If you made a script that did /announce as a console command or using the say function it could possibly work.

Its function is to announce to chat before restart. If I remember right.

Wow this is a crazy bit of kit, Nice work!!!

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всем привет что делать если при подключении к серверу пишет код ошибки 10061

Hi can you Add me on Discord: Einfach_Marc#6969
I got some questions for the Controller