5 minute timeout when connecting to server

Issue: Getting kicked from my own server due to 5 minute timeout as a result of too many mods.

Question: Do we have the ability to extend this timeout period or is it built into the multiplayer mod?

Is this forum still active?

Hello, sorry we are still getting everything in place and most people are using discord as the primary still. we are getting there.

As for your issue of timing out, Are you doing this on localhost? If so are you direct connecting with localhost?

Hey no problem - thanks for replying. At this time the server is hosted on my laptop which I’m also using to play the game. However, I just built a small computer for dedicated hosting - Will that eliminate the 5 minute time out?

Hey, no worries. So the 5 minuite timeout is there to help with people who join but do not join properly.
The reason you are getting it is because you need to join your server when it is hosted on the same computer you play on via direct connect. For some reason something has an issue when trying to join a server when it is located on the same machine as you.

So in short just join using localhost when it is on your computer.
When you join the server when on your dedicated hosting computer you will need to join using its local IP address.

This can be found using ipconfig on windows and ifconfig or ip if it is linux.

It will give you something similar to This is the IP you enter when direct connecting. You only need to use direct connect when it is on the same network as the one you are playing on. E.g if you are playing and hosting at home then you will need to use direct connect.

If it is hosted by a separate company for you or a friend and they have enabled it to be public then you can join via the server list.

I hope this makes it clear for you :slight_smile:

Crystal clear. Thank you!

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Hey so I setup my dedicated server and connected via direct connect using the local IP of the server and it’s still timing out after 5 minutes. Any suggestions?

Did you do the allowing of the ports in your firewall on the server host?

I port forwarded port 30814 which is pointing to the local IP of the dedicated server. This is from the logs:

[26/5/2021 12:15:51] Identify [INFO] Identifying new client…
[26/5/2021 12:15:52] Identify [DEBUG] Name → Rackattack, Guest → 0, Roles → USER
[26/5/2021 12:15:52] Identify [DEBUG] There are 0 known clients
[26/5/2021 12:15:52] Identify [INFO] Identification success
[26/5/2021 12:15:52] Identify [DEBUG] inserting client (0)
[26/5/2021 12:15:52] Identify [INFO] Client connected
[26/5/2021 12:15:52] Identify [INFO] Assigned ID 0 to Rackattack
[26/5/2021 12:15:52] Identify [DEBUG] Sending Mod Info
[26/5/2021 12:15:58] Identify [INFO] Rackattack : Connected
[26/5/2021 12:16:00] (0) “Rackattack” [DEBUG] (TCP) Connection closing…
[26/5/2021 12:16:00] (0) “Rackattack” [DEBUG] TCPRcv error, break client loop
[26/5/2021 12:16:00] [DEBUG] client status < 0, breaking client loop
[26/5/2021 12:16:00] (0) “Rackattack” [INFO] Rackattack Connection Terminated
[26/5/2021 12:16:00] (0) “Rackattack” [DEBUG] removing client Rackattack (1)

Forgot to mention that this config is with no mods. Just the map for testing.

Hey there, Thanks for that. Are you able to check that the server software is up-to-date for me please?
And also keep in mind that there is the firewall on the host machine and then port forwarding is done on the router :slight_smile:

I think I’ve narrowed it down to the map I’m trying to host. A default map works, however, the Utah Extra map seems to be problematic. I’m able to connect to other server that are hosting the same map. Really weird.

Ohh interesting. Sorry I assumed that when you said no mods that meant you were using a default map too. Yes some maps do not work as expected. There are a couple of values that have to be changed for the map to work however I am not sure what they are.

After connecting to a server hosting Utah Extra, I took the mod that was downloaded during the connection process and tried to host it myself. No luck there either. I’m stumped!

Unrelated - I don’t suppose you have an ETA for the Bsports Playground map eh?


Hmm that is rather odd. Are you hosting on windows or linux? Also did you specify the map in the server config correctly?

As for BSports this is coming soon. (Yes I know we keep saying that :stuck_out_tongue: ) We are doing some more work on the map and writing scripts to go with it. It will arrive don’t worry :smiley:
The issue we have which is why it is only a case of soon rather than a date is because of studies for most of the team at the moment so as I am sure you can appreciate those have to come first.

Omg dude I’m such an idiot. Somehow the slashes pointing to the mod map were going the wrong way!!! UGH so sorry to waste your time, I really appreciate all your help though.

Also thanks for the update on the playground map. Totally understand that school comes first. Can’t wait to play it!!

Haha no worries buddy.

It is actually @JOSHERS who has done the work on the map!
Then there is @tventy and @Olrosse who are currently doing scripting work on it in their free time.

Awesome I can’t wait!!