A possible solution for connection issues

I couldn’t seem to find this solution on the internet, so I figured it out myself after quite some infuriating time. So, I’m writing this to hopefully let others know of a potential fix for when you are unable to have a stable connection, or just not connect to another’s server at all.

In my situation, I’ve experienced long loading times (endless), crashes, Socket Error Codes and getting disconnected a short while (a minute or so) after joining one of my friends’ servers. We all have the VPN Hamachi to stay on a network together. I could join one of my friends and stay on there with no issues, but not the other 2, when they hosted a server. If I tried to host, they would get disconnected after joining after driving around for a minute.
I thought mods were the issue at first, since I got stuck on specific mods on the rare occasion I was
actually loading in.

I tried reinstalling BeamNG, BeamMP, Hamachi, verifying files, having no mods, restarting my PC, having UPnP on and a whole lot more.

And then it struck me… The fix was going to my own network’s settings (Default Gateway - login etc.) [cmd → ipconfig → copying Default Gateway and pasting into a browser URL] On my network’s settings I could change the NAT type from “Symmetric” to “Post restricted cone”. I believe that in short these two just mean “Restricted” and “Open”, as I know from other troubleshooting stuff I’ve done. Switched to “Post retricted cone” and the problems were gone. I could connect with no problems, no slow loading time.