A proper linux guide?

Can we get a proper linux guide the one on reddit is almost a year old and is quite fragmented.
Of course a proper linux ver would be nicer but atleast a offical guide would be aprecated and considering the steam deck runs beamng suprisingly well it would be a shame for people to think theres no offical guide.

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Yes, I can get some people working on a proper (UPDATED) linux guide.
Do you want a guide for linux server or linux client?

An official Linux guide for the client thanks

Any updates on that front?

Hi Charles,
Can you provide us with an update on the status of this please?

Hello charles, Just wondering if the guide to Linux Client is up and where to find it? Also, once that is complete can you create a guide for the servers? Thanks :slight_smile:

For now I use this script: GitHub - gamingdoom/BeamMP-Linux: A set of scripts to run BeamMP with the native Linux build of BeamNG.Drive