A way to permanently download server mods?

Some of the server mods are really cool and others are just a pain to download every time. Is it possible to permanently download all mods when joining a server?


Hey, no problem the files are saved inside the BeamMP Launcher folder (inside appdata by default) so you’re going to have to copy them from there if you want them in singleplayer

@ynambu sorry I obviously don’t mean to be trying to tell you you’re incorrect just that I’m perceiving my computer to maybe not be handling these files as intended. But also I’m a novice to pcs so I’m very open to this just being me seeing it differently. Don’t mean any offense.

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Okay thanks. Should these mods automatically then be available in single player? Because mine aren’t.

Edit: so I went on the game to check and the mods just download into documents/beamng. Drive/mods/multiplayer folder but it empties every time I quit the game so I am in fact having to download the mods each time. Am I supposed to copy them into the repo folder, or perhaps make a folder titled ‘resources’?

all server mods are stored locally in a folder called Resources, so you only download one mod once.
other servers probably just have a different version of the same mod (same name)