Accesing anything

I’m having trouble with logging in, registration, GUI and server access.
Logging in - I’ve created an account here and tried using its data to log in into servers, but whenever i press “login” button everything I typed in dissapears and gives a message “Attempting to log in” which will be visible for the rest of the time.
Registration - I thought that using forum account might be wrong way, so i tried making an account using “register” tab. But whenever i press it it just goes like into the hover design and does literally nothing and stays like it again.
Accesing Servers - I gave up on logging in and registering so i tried using “Play as guest”, but whenever I press it it goes into Image 3 and I cant acces anything again.

I hope this is enough, also i get no errors or anything its just stuck.

Images: (I’ve had more proof but “i am a new user” so you know)