Aggressive mob mentality

The second time I’ve meet this, jump on a server, group of people are playing together, assuming over mic. I come in, be respectful, try to join in as that’s what online is about right? Then i squeeze in to line up with others, accidently bump someone and the group instantly launches into a type of worded etiquette that doesn’t leave much room to take the offense up a notch, next step would be a punch in the face if this was an in person situation.

My concern is for younger folk who are or will be into this game, a little bit of respect can go a long way to a child and on the other side bully tactics can completely wipe them out.

Don’t get me wrong, vast majority of folk a great with the obvious odd person who plays up, but a majority group is getting a bit extreme when it’s a knee jerk reaction over innocent intentions. I come here to get away from the toxicity in life, not to be faced with even more.

I know it’s life but gee it’s a shame such a cool game still can bring out the worst in a few.