AI traffic feedback / experience

Hosting on a 13600k server+client with another client on a 12400f and am able to spawn traffic on both clients. Plays pretty well for the most part, touring through traffic on Nord is a pretty decent experience with some issues. We enabled 4 traffic per player (risk 1 top speed 200 mode traffic) and had to overtake quite a few cars on track. For the most part the AI acted predictably, occasionally some were oddly slow or pulling some weird moves.

  • Cars are different colors
  • Desync happens occasionally. Mostly on close calls some clients register impact when others don’t, though this also seems to happen without traffic.
  • Traffic is spawned around both players which can cause issues when players are exactly a spawn range apart.
  • Unable to turn nametags off, meaning that every AI has the nametag of the player that spawned it.

Are there any additional ways to tinker with the traffic spawning mechanics? Does anyone else have some good working examples of traffic implementations on their server? Very curious to hear other people their experience running it.

I wonder if it’s possible in the current form to have the server being the one to spawn the traffic, this would probably make solving some of the above issues a lot easier.

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