Antivirus problem

Hello. I am running BullGuard antivirus paid software on my pc. Whenever I play BeamMP it’s running normally, but when I close it my hard disk goes to a 100% and my pc is inaccessible
to use because of the lag. That doesn’t happen with any other game. I have played TruckersMP, CSGO, MSC, Assetto Corsa and a few more games on the pc but the problem doesn’t occur with them. I think it might be the antivirus flagging the software as malicious and trying to get rid of it. I’ve waited more than 30 minutes for my disk to drop to 0% usage(as normal) but it just wont get away from doing 100%. I’ve added BeamMP in the antivirus’ safe folder but it won’t stop trying to do something with it. Please help.

@manja This sounds like a problem with BullGuard, not BeamMP. Try adding an exception to BullGuard for beamMP/NG?

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it was the antivirus but as i said it just happens when i close beam mp the problem is not the antivirus because it doesnt do the same thing with other games

Yes as Jayden said please open task manager and see what exactly is using your disk since BeamMP uses 0 disk except for downloading mods on servers.

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I would open Task Manager click “More Details” in the bottom left then look whats eating up your HDD. That would probably be the best way to find out what is using your HDD at 100%.