Any way to avoid the long server mod downloading time?

I host a private server on Hamachi occasionally that I play with friends. I’ve wanted to play with mods but none of my friends are able to join the servers with mods, even if it’s one very small mod because it takes a very long time to download. It’s not limited by my wifi because my upload speeds are very high and so are their downloads. Is there any way I can just send them a zip file of the mods beforehand and they can add it to their game directory without having to install the mods through the server itself? Thanks in advance.

That is a user side issue, when you install a mod to a server anyone joining the server then needs to download that information to their local machine for it to work. Download times are predicated on the capabilities of the system receiving the information, not sending it. If your friends don’t have good internet it’s going to take them a while to receive information from the server and there is nothing that you, or we, can do to influence that.

For example, our recording team is international, with my internet in Hawaii it takes me longer to download mods than people like Spealer in the continental United States.

If they already have the mod files though what’s the point of waiting hours for it to download again? Seems like a waste of bandwidth if anything

do they have the mod which they pre-downloaded in the beamMP’s ..\Resources folder or has it been placed only into the base game’s ..\mods folder?

i myself frequently avoid downloading mods directly from servers themselves, since their download speeds usually are abysmal, even if they are geographically close. speaking of geography, hamachi is a vpn and anything vpn-ish is usually slow, no matter the proximity. i understand you chose hamachi because you prefer not or unable to port forward, but theres only so much you can do with hamachi…

well, first things first, if you are on linux or osx - im sorry, hamachi on those systems is absolutely horrible, goto (formerly logmein) really only care about windows as the only viable system. on windows though you have maybe 1-2 more buttons more to press! for example, the option to switch to IPX tunneling rather than that default UDP/IP tunneling (yeah, its ancient. even beamMP are ditching TCP/UDP protocols). apart from that you have different kinds of network types, such as mesh, hub-and-spoke and gateway… and thats about it. thats hamachi for you. its only really good for minecraft tbh :+1: