Aussie NSW Police server. everyone welcome!

Hi guy come on down to NSW Police mods DARKRP aus server, we have modded vehicles and are happy to add any that people want to see, absolutely everyone is welcome, come on down and have some fun and look out for the pattys and highway patrols looking to ruin your day.

hey can i join i need to know how to log in first

you sure can, i usually run the server from 6am til 12-1am Sydney time,

Whats the name? of the server?

Its called “NSW Police modded DARKRP Aus server,CUSTOM CAR MODS”
its a shiii name but i wanted to get some traction haha

Still running this server mate? Very interested.

Hey mate it’s currently down due to network issues, but I am planning on opening up today and hopefully my net doesnt drop out due to weather