Automatic queueing system sucks.

I have never understood why the beammp loading system is the way it is. When loading others cars it dedicates all the system resources and freezes your game. Why not instead slowly load their car? Maybe limit resources when loading?

That’s how BeamNG loads the cars.

This can’t be modified at all? There has to be an alternative.

Best I can suggest you is that in Options > Multiplayer there is an event queing system for spawns/edits that will not interrupt you while driving. All the events will be loaded when you’re not moving.

Last but not least, after you’ve disabled the automatic queue event system, if you don’t want to see player vehicles AND lag ever again, go to Vehicle Config > Debug > Remove all. Spawn your vehicle as usual. And there you go. If you want to see a specific player, they will have to queue again with a different vehicle, then you will have to apply their queue manually. Take care

It would be damn cool if the game engine would allow for asynchronicly loading vehicles, but it doesnt. Thats a technology that other games use to load a vehicle, prop, ship whatever in the background and when done it just popsup. There is no such thing in BeamNG tho.

Even if we would want to make that happen, which we actually do want to make happen, then we cannot. Because we are, just like everyone else, not allowed to alter the game engine :smiling_face_with_tear: