Automatic race organization?

I only started playing this mod a couple days ago and I’ve been wondering if any servers automatically setup races. Having to type in chat to organize any kind of race is fine but it would be a lot better if the server could automatically host a race for the players. Do any servers do this? / Is someone making this?

We as the BeammMP group, more importantly the Devs team encourage the community to make their own plugins and mods for BeamMP servers (like something you are describing)

We are NOT going to implement this ourselves because we want the community to want it AND therefore make it better than we ever could. If we made this mod/plugin, it would be good for some, and terrible for others, but if we allow the public to make it, they can compromises and have competition on which iteration is better for your needs.

However, not all hope is lost. In our big community, several smaller communities have come together and made regulation servers and discord servers where like minded people play together. I would highly recommend the 2fast racing discord, along with the race life discord :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response, it is greatly appreciated.

That is what I am here for