Automation to BeamNG Drive

So I set up a server and I got my friends to join but we only see colored balls instead of our cars we can see there name plate above and there in the game with their own car but we only get balls for each other and go right though each other is there something I missed setting up the server or is it just bugged out for the time being
(Also side note with you guys have like dedicated server that we can make our own private games without doing all this extra stuff in the future)

Make sure any addons, mods, automation cars, and maps that you use go into the resources > client folder in your server. Take your automation car zip and put it into said folder then restart your server.

Dedicated servers that you can make private games on? Please elaborate what you mean, we already have dedicated servers for the public. If you want a private server, you will have to make one, or buy one.