Backend Server Error

I get this annoying server errors in my server that I have created for me and my friend but keeps giving me these ■■■■ errors
Beam MP launcher tells me I’m connected that corresponds to BeamMP-Server until it gives me an error there and crashed my game

BeamMP-Server gives me
[ERROR] Backend response failed to parse as valid json) It gives me this error multiple times, it even says I’m ‘connecting’ but I’m not…

I’d appreciate any help because I’m kinda lost at the moment, All I want to do is play with a friend.


This error can be ignored. We are working on a fix for the error happeneing in the first place HOWEVER it does not do anything to our knowledge. It is simply a coincidence that it shuts down the server/kicks you when this error occurs.
Source:[Feature Request] Improve "Backend response failed to parse as valid json" error · Issue #97 · BeamMP/BeamMP-Server · GitHub

We are working on fixing the error, and random crashes with the new server version. Please be patient with us while we fix this.

make sure you update BeamNG.Drive aswell, you will need to be on the latest version in order for BeamMP to work properly (could be why it is kicking you)