Ban appeal to shorten length

I was banned today, randomly I went downstairs to go eat, I was in a vc with a couple guys I KNOW and one said he was gonna report me as a joke, and he said if they come in to ask he’d say it was a joke, so I just end up getting banned for racial slurs or whatever? confuses me. because we were just playing around and I don’t feel like a permanent ban is fair

Racial slurs in BeamMP discord is a ban if its with your friends or not. We do not tolerate toxic behavior or racial slurs. You also didnt include your Discord name/ID so we can try to see if you can/should be unbanned.


I understand that as of now, and I accept the fact of what I’ve done

After investigating further, and given your past infraction history, we will not be unbanning you from the BeamMP discord.

If you feel you can change your behavior and toxicity, let us know of a way that you can prove you have changed.

Hey that’s understandable, past infraction history was just me being stupid I admit, I get carried away definitely but I can definitely change for the better, we can talk discuss about it in vc or something but all I can say is I’ll be more respectful to the rules from here on out, I definitely broke them I admit