Ban Appeal

I am very sorry for my actions, i will not troll like I did in the discord, I have taken several months to think about what I did, I am very sorry for trolling the members, I wish to come back, and join the discord, I will not talk to people if that helps, I just really want to play beammp with my friends, I am very sorry for my actions, and I let my friends get the best of me. I no longer hangout with the friends who made me troll. Again I am super sorry my discord is. cake#0006

It keeps telling me I am unable to accept invite when I try and join the discord,

Thank you so much!

I was able to pull it from friend request. You’ve been unbanned.

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@mattleeismybrother Hi there, I’m having trouble finding your account, can you share with me your discord UID please - - then post it here so I can search your account.
Thanks, Dave