Ban from the discord

I was recently banned from the BeamMP discord server for having an alt account say some very nasty stuff even though i have never said anything like that on my account ever.

you can see in this picture a user by the name “Jclgayming” that I was accused of owning, and an account I do own being part of this
I have not touched this account in around 2 months because I am on this account
When i saw that my account i haven’t used in two months was active I tried to log in.
When i tried to log in it said that my password was incorrect and this is with samsung pass which has worked in the past
I am now doing a password recovery to get the account back. For the “jclgayming” account i do know who made it.
although I do not have solid proof of this person making the account I can tell you that i was in a voice chat with him when he was making the account.
If you have any further questions about this post feel free to contact me on discord

Hi, you said “I am endless”, followed by “Just you wait”. Can you explain why you said that?

And, of course, if it’s an old account, why do you need it unbanned?

The account was compromised and I didn’t know until i tried to log back into the account and my password didn’t work. I have since recovered the account and i am going to disable the account so this does not happen again.