Ban Report of a guys who calling other people naz1z

hey im just here to report a dude who is out there calling people nazis named “MistaMunchies” and hes calling me a german nazİ even though im not a german or a nazİ please ban this guy

here is an another pic of the guy

Hi, in order to action any report the screen shots need to include the name of the server, can you please provide images without the server name cut out?

i dont have any screeenshot about that but im pretty sure it was server 2

I would need the full server name as it’s shown on the top of the page or the server listing.

like this?

East Coast (2) alright, got it thank you. We will look into it and take the appropriate measures.

Investigation by moderation team in progress and appropriate measures will be take against reported parties pending findings in server logs.