Banned for arguments would like it to be temp

i was banned for arguing about lgbt and i was trying to stay as non offensive as possible cause i thought that i could argue just not insult. I didnt know that arguments in general on the topic were banned and i could stay away from the topic entirely not just try to be non offensive. Im not saying unban me right away but something like 2-3 months ban would be ok. If i break the rules again just perm ban me and i wont argue or fight it anything more just ask contact me on here or discord
my id is 785177494339977227

Your ban is for breaking the following rules over the span of 6 months

  • NO politics, rule 1.10
  • Bad work usage x5
  • Making jokes about current Ukraine conflict
  • Repeated offense with no intent to stop
  • Mass mention
  • Bullying minority groups

There is no evidence or proof that you want to correct your actions. Each warning, mute, temp ban, just progressively got worse with no sign of changing for the better. We will not be un-banning you, you had plenty of warnings and time to read our rules and guidelines. Then after a 30d ban you come back and get banned again. This all proves that there is no attitude adjustment, and therefore why you are permanently banned


99 percent of this is related to the memes chat if i get a 3 month ban or something and then a ban from memes just remove perms for that chat takes 20 seconds

I’m afraid that’s going to stay a permanent ban, just to clarify, there are no more chances. You’ve had the time to recognize that you should stop on every single occasion, and didn’t.