Banned for no reason from discord

Ive just been banned from the discord for no good reason, unban me (Shakal#6269)

Your ban is temporary for 7 days. Rason “continued hate towards groups”. Live with it

No, i wont live with an unjust ban.

Dont think there will be a early unban, your behaviour has been warned for 4 times already :slight_smile:

My behaviour is completley normal and the warns were unjust.

You will not be unbanned. You have been warned several times and continued to act the same way. This is not acceptable in our community. If you cannot follow our rules you will be removed. If you keep trying to contact me on alternate discord accounts I will extend your temporary ban to a permanent ban.

The way i acted was completley normal and justified, i dont understand how posting vile images, cropped p*rn and suggestive images is acceptable but understandably complaining about it isnt, one other person said it pretty clearly just before you banned me but clearly you dont care enough. So unban me.

As I have already said, your repeated hate towards specific groups will not be tolerated. If you cannot stand what other people are posting, just do not fight with them. The suggestive images issue has been addressed already. Your ban will not be changed and that is final.

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