Banned for "Racial Slurs" When i did no such thing

Banned from the discord for “racial slurs” when I never said a single slur.
I called someone a coward, apparently thats a slur.


You got 5 warnings already and now you got banned for 7 days. You gotta change your behaviour

That doesnt even make sense. Ive been playing on this server for 3 days.
Maybe if you were smart enough to implement a muting system much of this could have been avoided.
Its not my fault the people who play on your server are rude and antagonistic.
I never used a single racial slur towards anyone and you know that. You kind of people just have a power fantasy to fufill because you hate your real life so much. Thats really sad.
I was playing CNR bothering nobody, when some idiot “Starcat” comes in and kicks me multiple times for no reason. Do you have even the sligtest idea how many times i have to launch beamngmp just for it to actually work? it can take up to 20 minutes just to load into your server, just to be kicked for bothering nobody.
I had a 30 minute kick, that is not being extended for no real reason. Want to act like an actual adult? Of course you dont, you dont actually like talking things out, again, because you just want to feel powerful and important.
IF you change your mind and decide to stop being an insulent little child then contact me on my discord.
Big Bloo#8615


Man this is funny to read, anyways:

Your ban was 100% deserved, we do have a muting system as well but i felt like that wasn’t enough for the actions you did. We never said our system is bullet proof there is always going to be ways around it there always is. We dont ban every person, no idea where you got that from, we would be at 0 members then instead close to 160k in the discord lol.

Anyways your only banned for 7 days so i dont see the big issue.

You got banned for racial slurs from the BeamMP Discord, you direct messaged one of the staff members in BeamMP and started spamming their dms which included racial slurs.

My bad. I cknfused the Beammp team with a server ran on Beammp. Stupid mistake
You guys make a good mod, however i think you should learn the difference between “racial slurs” and cussing.A racial slur is directed at someone of that race! A cuss is a naughty word! I understand if you dont allow bad language but please do not call me a racist.
Good day!

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Thanks for apologizing:

Even if you dont direct the racial slur against somebody we still act to it, as people still get offended by using the word casually, which is not right. Yes we could change it to if its directed to someone but that would only cause more issues with people thinking its not good or its fine so we have decided to get rid of that word completely from this community.

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