Banned for unjust reason

I got banned from the discord for, understandably, getting mad at a group of people who were posting vile/suggestive images and cropped p*rn in the meme channel. I created a ticket before trying to get unbanned, and a moderator awnsered that it was indeed an issue and that it was dealt with, yet he didnt unban me. This is clearly an example of a double standard, so please unban me.

Update: somehow this got flagged as spam and hidden, i dont understand how posting a ban appeal counts as spam or advertisement, clearly some mod has it out for me for no good reason, which is obviously unfair, and ive got a feeling i know who it is but i wont give out a name unless another mod asks me for it.

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It was me who reported it. Your case has already been ruled over in the other thread. This is another thread that you just created because you arent satisfied with the outcome of the last. Nothing will change, your behaviour is rude and full of hatred towards others. From my pov it looks like that your entire purpose to join beammp was to insults others, every page of your chat shows hatred and insults. Count yourself lucky that you havent been permanently banned by now

The reason i joined was to play beammp, not to “spread hatred”. It isnt my fault that vile and suggestive things were being posted and my reaction of being disgusted and angry is pretty justified.

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is The discord made for ■■■■ memes? Didnt realize that. Cool. You seem quite rude too from my point of view.