Banned for using the control key disassembly mode

I was playing with a friend messing around with the control key disassembly mode thing, I’m not sure if that caused it but I was just playing and all of a sudden I got the message that I’ve been disconnected and banned. I don’t know what happened but I’d like to know why?

Could you please provide your username and user ID?
Thank you.

My name is Dertt or Dertt795 , however I’ve already been unbanned so I assume it was perhaps a glitch but it happened after 2 days

I unfortunately cannot find anything, could you please provide me your User ID?
(To enable copying your or others user ID if you haven’t already, go to the Discord settings > Advanced > Developer Mode and have it enabled, then you can left click on yours or others peoples username and copy the ID, or via the extra options next to the “Send Friend Request” for other users.)

here it is 654274365776461835

Thank you.
I unfortunately cannot find anything in our logs, so you aren’t banned.
Do you possibly have any alt accounts which you used or have been on in the discord server that might’ve gotten kicked/banned?
If not, then this is a Discord related issue and I recommend you contact Discord.

Edit: I might’ve mistaken this for a Discord related appeal… is this for a Discord unban or ingame unban…? I apologise the confusion.

Yeah it was in game but it seems to be fixed now, sorry for not clarifying that

No worries, the ban appeal section is related to the Discord server only which is why I also ended up getting confused.
Have a wonderful day!