Banned From Discord. (Ban Appeal)

I am not asking to be unbanned or i am not begging anyone for mercy. I just want to know why I got banned, we were having a conversation everyone was stating their opinion about a subject. We were talking about gay people and secuality, as everyone can and we are allowed to, I stated my opinion. I said that I personaly don’t like gay people, there are things that I have seend and have happend to me in the past ragarding this topic. It’s my opinion, i belive in free speach and i stay by that as eveyrone should do. There was a gay person in the chat i didn’t say anything directly to him, I didn’t insult him, I didn’t make fun of him or even talk to him. Also i got banned for 4 weeks and 2 days, BeamNG is the only game that I enjoy playing but if I have to wait for that ban I will wait for it. I also don’t understand whay I first got muted for 12 hours and then without being able to do or say anything i got banned for 1 month and 2 days. I also described to the people inside the conversation some things that people from my country do and how they face gay people, I didn’t say that I stand by that and i belive that some people inside there stated to the admin that I didn’t that i stand by those people choice’s. Even thouth he probably heard it i imidietly got banned for one month. I am not trying to spread any lies or to make admins look but but I don’t belive that this is fair. Thats all I have to say, I am being very polite and I hope people understand my point. I also hope that I didn’t forget anything or change anything. Thanks for your time -ChrisYOLO

@ChrisYOLO you deserve it, homophobe

@AngryChinchilla01 You are weird.

@chrisyolo you deserve it, homophobe

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@holyguaka-irl I am having a hard time to understand what you are tying to say so I suggest he put this off, I will have to wait on my original ban even though i got banned from some things that i didn’t say or i belive the I didn’t say. Anyways have a nice day.

My exact point in the side note, the mute does not take effect to voice channels unless the user is moved out and back in, which we attempted to do, but due to the bot malfunction, it didn’t take effect until after you had made your further homophobic comments.

How did i make comments towards hommosexual wheni was muted ?

As a side note* Your ban was extended due to the fact that the original mute, didn’t go through, due to a Mee6 bot error, it was after this was then copied and pasted, Mee6 does not automatically mute people if they are already in a channel, and then you made comments towards hate crime (direct to homosexuals.) This turned your mute turned into a Ban.

Best Regards,
Holyguaka [IRL]

You are allowed to your own free speech, however, discussing the fact that people within your community beat homosexuals up, and you have no negative feelings towards that because they are homosexual, is considered as homophobic.
You are allowed to voice an opinion, and you have right to free speech, however, all discord servers are joined with an invitation link, at that point the server rules take priority, and not that you aren’t allowed to voice an opinion, but when you’re asked to stop for a valid reason, offending others within the community, and don’t, it beings to develop into something other than a free speech argument.

I was the person who banned you so I have no final say over what has happened here.

A note to Staff, it should be mentioned that ChrisYOLO personally messaged me requesting to look into the ban appeal

Best Regards,
Holyguaka [IRL]