Banned From Discord, Confused

So, i was scrolling through my discord dms, and i saw this. !1612669508671-a6ccbc13-d6e5-4a87-ac11-524480f71c95-image.png
i dont even know why they banned me, i was offline at the time of the ban actually. i never did anything wrong, i followed the rules. it says “attempting to ban avoid with an alt account” even though i dont even have an alternate account. please look into this and unban me as soon as possible, i have fun on the beammp servers and i dont know why this happened. i’d like to see what i sent in the server, or what i did in the server to get banned, because i dont remember doing anything.

This was amended. This was a mistake on my part.

Best Regards,
Holyguaka [IRL]

@wheelcrazy Hi, could you send me your Discord ID ( and I will take a look at your account.
Thanks, Dave