Banned from the discord

I got banned from the discord a while back, I think for self promotion? What happened was I had one of the moderators in my DM’s (I think I had discussed something glitch related with them) and I tried to invite some of my friends to my server and accidentally sent the moderator an invite link too. I got banned for unsolicited DM’s but since it has been over a year (I got banned when you still had to be in the discord to even launch BeamMP so for a while I wasn’t able to play at all) I would like to be unbanned.

My discord is gorfeld#6057

Hi there,

Sorry for the late response, can you please send me your user ID please - I can’t find anyone in the bans list under that discord name


I have changed my name multiple times since so I’m not really sure what it was at the time.

did you get unbanned?