BASCAR: BeamMP American Stock Car Auto Racing. Vintage NASCAR Racing!

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Hello BeamMP community!

I saw the mod, and decided to test it.

On testing, I realized the immense potential of BeamMP! Especially to recreate the vintage stock car racing of the 50s-70s. Racing these relics is a challenge, especially when they are high powered (its even more fun on dirt!). Their challenge comes from their simplicity: little to no aerodynamic parts or driver assists - just you, the tires, a large steel body, and a high powered V-8.

With the next update on the way, I thought it would be a great time to bring forward the BASCAR concept to the community.

The basic concept of BASCAR would be to organize like-minded folks to race these old American machines. Be it in the more tame ‘pure stock’ configurations or all out modified cars - we can do either (or both!).

Here are the proposed rules, please tell me if there is anything that I left out (or is poorly written): BASCAR Rulebook - Google Docs

(For a TL;DR of the rules. No wrecking other participants, no cutting the course, no jumping the start, and no modifying the car beyond the limits set for the specific event. We will happily explain any details to you if you have a question.)

This thread will be used to post event updates, updates to the rules, as well as race results. It can also be used to discuss, suggest, or otherwise comment on the events or the series as a whole.

Thanks for joining us, so lets get to turning left (and right every once in a while)!

I live! Apologies for suddenly disappearing - life comes at you fast! If anybody is still interested in this project, I will need volunteers to help me run it. If you are interested in hosting/running these sorts of events (or just have ideas!) please message me separately. Once we can be confident that we can host something, we will bump this again with something more concrete.

Once we do all that, we can get to racing! See you on the track!

Can’t wait! :smiley:

Checking the poll - it seems the dirt oval @ west coast won! With the automation test track coming in second (we will include that in our next decision poll). Ill get in contact with the event staff and we will plan for a race in a week - ill keep everyone updated!

This does look very interesting indeed!

Im interested


Update: To expedite the decision making process I have opted to create a quick straw poll to whittle down some options.

The choices are:

Hirochi Short Oval (Paved). 10 Lap Sprints
Automation Test Track Main Course. 2 Lap Sprints
West Coast Dirt Track. 10 Lap Sprints.

On friary we will pick the winner for our first racetrack.

@LucasBE-FR I agree with you, but like BeamNG.Drive being made to be realistic, (and painful at some points). we should have something like this trying to match the same.
(P.S. apologies if this makes no sense.)

I think the first race should be at the oval at Hirochi Raceway. Simple course.

Also the rules should be simplified. Not everyone is a NASCAR fan :wink:

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I would like to start out this thread by mentioning we are taking suggestions for our first race! Where should we go? What should we do? Mind you we can race just about anywhere! Paved, dirt, oval, road, and not just on designated tracks either!

We will be keeping it to pure stock burnside specials for our first race for simplicity.

Not that i am aware of. The creator seems to have vanished

Has this event happened yet?