Beam mp not working since update please help

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ok so i can get into the server list download all the mods the when i join i server it gives me the server list background and shows me all the other players edits and all the ui stuff but i cant see the game
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Strange. For me, it works. Do you have any mods installed? If you do, could be the problem.

the only mod i have is beam mp

Alright. That’s the only mod you have. Now, tell me what’s going on in beammp? server can’t load?

yes so i can download all the mods and then get the regular loading screen but when it puts me in game it shows the menu background without the ui for the menu but i get all the ui for the server like the player qs and the server name at the top i just cant see my game

Reinstall game or clear cache then.

i have done that and it still happens ive also reinstalled beammp
still nothing

Then I’m not sure how can you fix it then. Maybe notify the beammp devs to update multiplayer.

how do i get in contact with thewm or will they respond here?
also thank you for ur help

Your welcome! hope it works! :wink:

Hello, this sounds like the game UI not loading correctly. You can try pressing ESC several times until the UI changes.

Please come back to me if the issue continues to persist.

nope still didnt work heres a vid to better see whats happing - - RELEASE - x64 2023-09-22 15-57-24

When the other player updates their car i get jumped to it

@Mclovin23 I see your issue here in this vid. To me, it looks like someone hacked some servers. have you tried other servers?

no server works ever officals

There have been a few hotfixes released since then. Could you try again for me and see if the issue persists?

Also are you running normal or vulkan?

Still dose after patches/hotfixes and ive tryed in both vulkan and normal still nothing but i can run in safe mode

If it runs in safe mode, then play multiplayer with it.

can someone help me with this

i had the same problems, and I have deleted all the zip files in de resources folder in “BEAMMP Launcher”,after that I could play on my own privat server. I hope this help other people as well.