Beam Server No mods Externals

Hello, I have a problem that updating the beam server when I add mods from external pages does not work, now only the mods from the repository work, that is, the official ones.

Hi, we strongly recommend only using mods from official sources such as the repository and Beam NG forums to avoid any conflicts, errors or viruses and to abstain from accidentally hosting stolen paid content. Please reduce your mod catalog to only mods from official sources and then see if the problems persist.

Yes, it only allows me modifications to the catalog, but I want to add cars from external pages that are free…

Note that some of them are ripped off off paid sites and can result in a Server ban

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Which is one of the primary reasons we do not offer support for mods from illicit sources across BeamMP. I do apologize @Danthy98. When it comes to mods from unverified/unofficial sources there are too many variables to account for when attempting to diagnose why they aren’t functioning as these mods are typically poorly made and may not be supported outright due to issues stemming from this.