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Beam Hosting Solutions is a dedicated server provider for the BeamMP multiplayer mod. We have taken all aspects of BeamMP server hosting into consideration from beginners to experienced users and have built an experience that makes hosting your BeamMP server as fast and easy as possible. We offer super-fast setup times typically 10-15 seconds after a successful order and ease of use with our optimized panel and detailed documentation to help you get started.

From a small private server to a large community we offer well-thought-out plans to fit your needs. Starting at only $4.99/mo you cannot go wrong choosing BeamHost.

Just click the START button below or go HERE to learn more!

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BeamHost now accepts transactions using Stripe! This makes getting your own BeamMP server up and running easier and faster than ever before by allowing you to manage your invoices without having to hassle with PayPal.

To celebrate, we are offering 35% off your first month of hosting with promo code: STRIPE35 Offer expires 03/25/2022


We at BeamHost are always looking at ways to expand our services to users around the world with the highest quality of service. To accomplish these goals we have decided to introduce our BeamMP server hosting services in London, UK. These servers are available now and will bring low latency gameplay to all of London and surrounding countries. You can find our new services HERE.

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We are now offering free BeamMP server trials! You can set your server up and start using it for free today! Just head over to our website and select our trial server and set it up to get started. The trial servers will expire in 24 hours and are one-time use. This may be a limited-time offer as we monitor our server allocations.




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To make things as easy as possible for users to get their BeamMP servers up and running without hassle we have added Bitcoin as an accepted payment method. Just select “Bitcoin” at checkout and scan the code with your favorite wallet app.

To further add to this exciting news, we are offering 50% off any order this weekend only. The offer starts today 05/20/2022 and ends 05/22/2022.

Be sure to use code CRYPTO at checkout to apply your savings.


Any BeamHost order now comes with 3 total allocated ports making our services compatible with server-side plugins such as Cobalt Essentials that require 2-3 ports to function depending on the configuration.
You can also now install server mods as easy as 1 click with our new mods menu making your server setup easier than ever!


We have remodeled our services to bring you more than ever at the same fantastic price! Most packages are more than double the value as before such as our popular BeamMP Basic package now featuring 2GB of storage and 10 player slots for only $4.99/mo.
Get the service and performance you deserve at BeamHost.

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Our FREE BeamMP servers are back for a limited time as we continue to upgrade our infrastructure to provide you with a better experience.
If you would like to try our services completely free of charge head to our services page HERE to get started.