Beammp access denied bug

When I try to open BeamMP i am always greeted with this bug
the client tries to access my old username but cant beacause it doesnt exist anymore
i tried changing the values at the registry but i didnt work out.
Help appreciated

Hi Mythro,

I have spoken to some of the more knowledgable staff and they have said the following:
You need to change the user folder location through the BeamNG launcher - then launch the game single player (not through the beamMP launcher) so that the registry resets to the new folder.
They also noted that the launcher cannot handle Crylic characters, so if you have those anywhere in the path it wont work, and you’ll need to set a path elsewhere.

Hope this solves your problem - if not, please get back to me as we have lots of knowledgable people able to help :slight_smile: